Missed Out – Pink and White Ranger Pop

Collecting is hard, guys.

I’m a pretty big Power Ranger fan so I tend to pick up quite a few figures here and there of the property. Mighty Morphin’ gets the lion’s share of the figure release outside of whatever season is most current on Nickelodeon, so I end up with mainly stuff from that season. That said, I’d love for series like Time Force, Dino Thunder, and Jungle Fury to get some love.

Anyway, Funko put out a wave a pops sometime around 2013 that had the Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and White Ranger. At the time, I hadn’t really gotten into purchasing Pop figures, but I did want something Mighty Morphin’. I actually had a pretty hard time finding them after I knew they excited, but I did end up finding one at one of the various conventions I go to. If I remember correctly, they had both the Red and the Pink Ranger. I opted to get just the Red Ranger to start my Pop collection.


Well, years later and seemingly 50 billion Pops later, I decided that maybe I do want to finish out the collection. Come to find out…that’s just not happening.

The Pink Ranger alone sells for over $250 on eBay! Averaging $210 PopPriceGuide.com. The White Ranger isn’t much better averaging $190 on PopPriceGuide.com. As much as I want those to complete that line, I’m just not sure I’m willing to spend that much on Pops. At best I’m looking at $400 between the two of them. Ironically, it be so bad if I didn’t just buy the 4 rangers that just released from Mighty Morphin’ (blue, yellow, black, green). If I had Pink original MMPR line up would be complete.


The good news though, is Funk announced at Power Morphicon that they are re-releasing the Red, Pink, and White Pop figures, but they will be in a different pose (More Info: Here). For now, I’m gonna settle for those, but to compensate, I think I’m gonna head out to GameStop and get their exclusive Metallic Blue Ranger Pop.


In short, if you like ’em and can afford ’em, don’t cheap out like I did, or they may end up way outside the price range you are willing to pay!

Images found on Google via: ComicAlliance, GameStop, and ComicChix.

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