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Keeping up with upcoming toy releases can be difficult so I try to pre-order the ones I’m most excited about. This way, if I forget, I still am able to get them without having to do all the hunting! Here are a few of the items I currently have pre-ordered!

The Avengers Age of Ultron Nendoriod Figure – Captain America

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I’m a huge comic book fan, and I do love me some Captain America. I don’t read as much Cap as I should, but he does always get me excited when he shows up. I also love Nendoroids! So when I saw that Good Smile was releasing a Nendoroid Captain America I jumped all over it. Releasing in October of 2016, Cap not only comes with his signature shield, but he also comes with a base that connects with the Iron Man Mark 45 Nendoroid to create a base that is modeled after the final fight scene in Age of Ultron! List price is going for around $65 on this one!

Kingdom Hearts III Play Arts Kai – Sora

sep105742 sep10574

You’ll learn, pretty quickly if you haven’t already, that Shannon and I both LOVE Kingdom Hearts. We are pretty much obsessed. SquareEnix’s toy line, Play Arts Kai, is releasing Sora in his Kingdom Hearts III costume in December of 2016! Naturally, I pre-ordered this the moment I saw, with no hesitation. He comes with multiple hands, a key blade, and his key blade alt. mode dual pistols from KH3! Retailing for a fairly steep $150, considering on average Play Arts figures hover around the $120 price range, but as a hardcore Kingdom Hearts fan, I can justify the cost!

DC Comics Bombshells – Katana


This has to be my new favorite Bombshell. Which for me is saying something as my love for Supergirl is pretty huge. That said, I can’t lie, this has to be one of, if not, the best bombshell DC will put out. Her pose is great, the colors a great, and the nice Japanese motif is also fantastic! This one runs about $130, but BigBadToyStore has her listed for $105!

Korra Nendoroid

gsc107901 gsc10790

Admittedly, we still need to finish Legend of Korra. We liked what we saw but life got busy and it kind of fell by the wayside. We have every intention of finishing it, but not sure when that’ll be. Until then, to hold us over, we’ll pick up Good Smile’s upcoming Korra Nendoroid figure! Releasing in January of 2017, Korra comes with extra hands, different facial expressions, and fire/water elemental props to go with her! Getting her runs $50!


Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Sephiroth – Play Arts Kai


Still can’t believe that it took this long, but we are finally getting a Play Arts Kai version of Sephiorth from FFVII Advent Children. The other figures in the FFVII Advent Children line have been great as you would expect from the Play Arts Kai brand. If you missed it, I wrote about the figure in a bit more detail, and you can check it out by click here! The figure runs $150 and expected release in January of 2017!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Red, Pink, Lord Zedd) – Tamashii Buddies

ban17249 ban17250 ban17251

We have yet to get a single Tamashii Buddies figure, but we’ve always wanted to. DBZ and Sailor Moon Tamashii Buddies have always caught our eye but never really took the plunge. Though, when I saw the pre-orders for the the Red and Pink Ranger along with Lord Zedd go up, I knew that was the perfect set to start with! Tamashii Buddies are small, Vinyl (I believe) figures that come with stands that have some artwork on the back making them perfect display pieces. Bonus, they also stack for being in tight spaces too! These are only $14 a piece but don’t come out until March of 2017, presumably to line up with the MMPR movie coming out from Lionsgate that month.

Ramono Flowers – Mondo


Much like that Tamashii Buddies, we don’t have a single Mondo figure/statue in our collection. Pretty excited to see the quality of this, almost, 9 inch figure! Scott Pilgrim is one of those comic series that’s just so awesome and weird that we couldn’t help but like it. The Ramona Flowers figure comes with many additional parts (hammer, bat, her bag, extra arms, and the special edition comes with Scott’s head that pops out of her Subspace bag). The figure looks like she came straight out of the comic. This one’s $50 ($55 for the special edition one) and doesn’t have much of a release date outside of quarter 1, 2017.


That’s it! That’s all I got pre-ordered right now! I’m sure that’ll all change but my wallet would probably appreciate it if I paced myself! Let us know what you guys got pre-ordered and what you’re looking forward too!

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