DC Superhero Girls: Wonder Woman

“I should do posts about something other than dolls.”

[Continues to basically only buy dolls]

Okay but this is at least a new brand of dolls I’m buying so it’s almost different. Almost.

I’ve had my eye on these DC Superhero Girls for a hot minute but kept not buying them because I knew it was a dangerous slope to slide down. This is definitely a ‘well there’s not that many of them and I like all these characters so I can finish the set!” and well, I love this Wonder Woman so guess who is probably gunna buy the rest. This gal.

I won’t get too much into her since it’s not like they reinvented the wheel. It’s clear they’re trying to lean towards these being different from other fashion doll lines since she is quite sturdy. She’s thicker and taller than every other doll brand I own or look at with a additional joint in her ribs. Admittedly I was really excited for this extra joint cause I love posing. I think they even refer to these dolls as ‘action dolls’ so I do like that they’re branding these as almost more G.I. Joe over sized action figures than a Barbie dress up doll. Realistically they’re more towards fashion doll but ya know what, you can tell kids toys are for one thing all you want but that’s never gunna stop them from doing¬†whatever they want. My Barbies were always action heroes. Very well dressed action heroes in super cute shoes but they got the job done.¬†It’s a nice effort though to make superheroes more accessible to girls from a girl perspective. Also the designs are very cute and fun! They’re still recognizable as the heroes they’re based on but have a nice youthful flair to them.

That’s all I got to say about this gal!

(also man I’d love to mod one of these)

Wonder Woman doll

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