Power Rangers Movie (2017) Funko Pops!

On March 24th, Saban’s Power Rangers releases in theaters! There hasn’t been any shortage of Power Rangers merchandise as of late and, as per usual, Funko has released their own slate of pop figures. We just got our hands on the main 5 rangers as well as Rita. The Rangers can be found at GameStops and department stores such as Target. Rita, on the other hand, is Hot Topic exclusive. If you want to get your hands on Rita I’d recommend calling local malls and seeing if they have a Hot Topic and see if they’re in stock!

The figures are pretty nice and are your typical Funko Pop quality. A few quality control issues around the masks on some of them, but overall they the figures are very good representation of their movie counter parts. The colors on these rangers seem particuarly vibrant which gives it a very classic Power Ranger’s feel.

If you’re looking to get these figures, they’ll run you about $9 for the Rangers and about $12 for Rita! Check out the photos of the figures below!


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