Harry Potter Magical Creatures – Hungarian Horntail

I’m, finally, going through the Harry Potter series for the first time (better late than never). It didn’t take too long for me to love the series (I’m currently beginning The Deathly Hallows) and when I like something I usually buy a bunch of merchandise. Luckily for me, Harry Potter stuff is everywhere and even more so now that it has just recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Browsing around my local Barnes and Noble I stumbled on a very interesting line of figures: Harry Potter Magical Creatures. The line up includes many different creatures that you see throughout the Wizarding World like Dobby, Fawkes, and Dementors to name a few. The one I picked up was the Hungarian Horntail.

The figures range in size but are about 6 inches in height. They are very detailed and are housed in a removable plastic box, but the backs of the box have artwork that acts as a backdrop for the figure which makes for a nice display. There are no points of articulation but the figure (at least the Hungarian Horntail) can be removed from its base to make for a smaller figure to put on a shelf, but I like have it all put together and displaying the whole package. The only negative I have with this particular figure is the Hungarian Horntail itself doesn’t stay seated in the base very securely. It doesn’t take much for it to fall out of its slot, but keeping the plastic casing on it minimizes that issue.

Overall, this figure is really nice. Has a good weight to it, a lot of detail, and looks really nice on a shelf. Each figure retails for $29.99 and I do think that they are worth it, especially if you are a fan of the Harry Potter series.

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