Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Kai – Organization XIII Roxas

Oh shock and surprise, more Kingdom Hearts toys!

It took us a hot minute to get this one. I scooped him up back in June as a present for myself after successfully breaking even on my first HeroesCon artist alley table!

I adore Organization XIII so seeing Roxas be released in his coat gives me false hope for Xigbar or any of the cool baddies. But I know this just means we’ll probably get an Axel eventually….[plot twist, I hate the fan favorite character]

But anyways, I’ll not wax poetic and just get to the photos! We have all the Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Kai outside of the KH3D Tron Sora and Riku so same old, same old. They’re great, keyblades are still hard to get into their hands but they pose well and look cool on our shelves~

Organization XIII Roxas

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