SH Figurarts – Team Rocket

Team Rocket has been my favorite part of Pokemon since I played the game and watched the cartoon as a kid. I know they shouldn’t be but I also don’t care.

A bunch of thievesĀ in cool outfits being lead by a dude following in that 90s Batman the Animated Series aesthetic where you were kinda a 1940s mobster? And then just a honest to goodness pair of very good friends being very bad at everything? Yeah. I’m here for both sides of this spectrum.

So here we have Jessie and James/Musashi and Kojiro!

These two are great! I talk plenty about how much I like SH Figuarts, they’re my favorite company. I love that these two can be stand free* which is great.

*okay Jess takes a hot minute to get to stay on her feet but it can be done~

I won’t gush too much. I had a lot of fun posing them, obviously I didn’t take it as seriously as I do other sets.

…I’ll take it seriously when I get myself a Giovanni SH Figurarts. Please? Preferable the Pokemon Origins version where he’s ~great~ and is in his black suit. Please??

I mean I’ll still buy the orange suit…

Team Rocket!

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