Power Rangers Legacy – Power Sword

At this point we have gotten every Power Rangers Legacy weapon replica. All of them have been really well made and sits very nicely on our shelves. The Power Sword replica is no different! This thing is awesome! It’s a 1:1 scale replica of the Mighty Morphin’ Red Ranger’s Power Sword coming in at just under 40 inches.

Just like all the other legacy replica weapons, the Power Sword makes various action sounds as you press one of its three buttons. The sounds are fairly loud though the sound quality isn’t great, but serviceable. That said, you’re not really picking these up for the sound quality. Also like the other replicas, it does play the Power Rangers theme song (the entire television cut) when pressing the top two buttons down for about 2 seconds. This is my favorite part of all the replicas.

The packaging does boast die cast parts but as far as I can tell it’s really just the T-Rex coin in the center that’s die cast. That doesn’t mean that the rest of the replica isn’t great! It is! It’s primarily hard plastic with the blade being a flexible plastic. The blade does have what feels to be a hard plastic or metal rod going through the center of it so it’ll keep it’s form. It’s a fairly light replica given its size, especially when you compare its weight to the weight of the Saba legacy replica which I believe may be heavier than the Power Sword.

This runs on 2 AAA batteries that, like the rest, is included and all ready installed into the replica. I like that it runs on easy to find AAA batteries rather that some other replicas we have (typically ones imported from Japan) that run on less common batteries like LR44 that aren’t typically included.

Compared to the other replicas, this one looks a little more “cartoony”. This isn’t really a negative but an observation that when you place these next to each other that it doesn’t quite look out of place, but it does stand out.

The Power Sword is the most expensive of the replicas released so far coming in at $150. I think it’s worth it, but maybe in time you may find it at a convention for a bit cheaper…that said currently it’s selling out in most places I’ve checked online like BigBadToyStore (where I pre-ordered and received mine) and Entertainment Earth among other places. Other places are starting to sell it for upwards of $185. I believe that Bandai typically does a second wave of their legacy lines so if that holds true and you are unable to obtain one, keep an eye out for a re-release.

Overall, this replica is GREAT! If you’re a Rangers fan and are on the fence about picking up one of these replicas, I can tell you that it’s well worth it!

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