Nendoroid – Victor Nikiforov

I don’t have much to say about Victor.

It’s basically exactly how I felt about Yuri last month–he’s very cute, I’m far more in love with nendoroids than I had previously imagined. I loved these two, I had fun posing them together and am very happy to have them on my self~

They’re putting out┬ánendoroids of other outfits that I’m not planning on getting just to save some cash but I also told myself I wouldn’t get the Super Sailor Scouts since I already have them in their normal fuku┬áso yeah, we’ll see.

Also–I have been sick lately and was sick when I did these photos so there’s a few that weren’t composed very well and I saved them as best as I could. I wasn’t going to let getting sick come between me and my toys. For better or for worse.

Nendoroid Victor Nikiforov

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