Bioshock 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Okay this one isn’t TOO old, it’s only from November!

The Bioshock 10th Anniversary Gamestop exclusive Collector’s Edition! It was pretty pricey but as someone who usually watches David get these cool video game collector’s edition statues, it was nice to get one for myself!

The first Bioshock is my favorite game. I bought an Xbox 360 back in 2007 just to get this game. I love it so much and I already wanted the PS4 version of the trilogy so might as well get the statue to come with it! It’s a really cool statue with some cool details on it, I was surprised at how light it is but considering it is both motorized and lights up, a heavier material would have made it WAY more expensive and probably just a regular old statue. Also yeah, it’s motorized and lights up! There are a few settings–you can have it just light up or motorized with sounds and light! The Big Daddy and the Little Sister both light up. The Big Daddy’s drill spins and they both ‘talk’–there are the whale-like Big Daddy noises and the Little Sister doing her ‘Come on Mr Bubbles’ deal. It’s very cool!

Here’s a tweet I made with a video of the statue in motion

The price isn’t very friendly but if you’re a Bioshock fan, it’s a very cool collection to get!


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