Build-a-Bear Meowth!

First things first–I got this guy back in September but boy, our lives got busy and we haven’t posted in a few months! I’m very sorry but I’ll have some posts for you now to play catch up! Hopefully this won’t happen again but feels like every time I say that, we disappear for a few months again.

On to the post!

So they announced Meowth for Build A Bear which was very cool but THEN they announced the online exclusive bundle that came with the Team Rocket hoodie and pretty sure I’ve already made it clear on how easily I fall into the trap for Team Rocket.

So here I am, owning this online bundle for Meowth! It came with Meowth, the Meowth voice chip that includes a ‘Meowth That’s Right!’ and a few other lines from the anime, a Quick ball hoodie, the Team Rocket hoodie, it’s birth certificate and a BAB Meowth Pokemon TCG card!

It was a bummer to skip the experience you get from going in the store and asking someone to make your Pokemon as fat as possible but it was pretty great to get that Rocket hoodie!

Build A Bear Meowth!

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