Super Sailor Mercury!

Sorry for the disappearance everyone! I got this Super Sailor Mercury months ago but kind of disappeared for months there instead of posting it.

Good news is that we have a back log now so hopefully we’ll remember to post more. Or at least maybe I [Shannon] will since I’m more easily guilted by myself.


But yes, Super Sailor Mercury! I originally told myself I wasn’t going to get the Super scouts cause what’s the point of spending more money for something that’s barely different. But then I reminded myself that the Super outfits are my favorite so oops, here I am! I did get the Mercury that came with the quality control issue on her legs. It’s super noticeable and kind of a bummer but luckily I got her for a good deal so it isn’t that bad. Her colors are brighter than her original and I like the paint on the skin tone a bit more.

Spoiler for next post, Super Sailor Mars made me more excited for the super forms than this Mercury did but I still think she looks great. I do wish she came with more attack effects like Mars did and the other two look like they do.

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