LootCrate Unboxing!

A few weeks ago I got the fun surprise of getting a LootCrate in the mail! It was a present from my best friend, Caitlin which was very cool and sweet of her! It’s the first time I’ve ever done a LootCrate and I was really surprised by how much I loved everything that came with it! Caitlin later told me it was supposed to have been a Sailor Moon themed box but alas, there was a goof. Either way, I’ve very happy with everything I got and put it all on display!

Opened it up to find:

A classic 8-bit Mario shirt which fits very well–I’m a very small person so sometimes nerdy shirts are a bit big and clunky. Mario’s got my back though and fits great.

A reprint of Action Comics #1! This is very cool. I usually only read old DC comics in those Showcase sets in black and white so I love seeing old comics in color. I haven’t read it yet because really old comics can be really hard to read sometimes and I just haven’t found the strength! Also I have a short box of comics I still need to read so yeah buddy, sorry Action Comics. But in good news, I’m a collector so very happy to have you in the box!

A Geeki-Tiki of Raphael from TMNT! This little dude is so cool, oh man! He’s really good quality, he’s super cute and he’s the best Turtle so I mean how can I not love him?

A TMNT pin! I’ve got a whole tin lunchbox full of pins, I love pins! I should probably actually put them on things. It also unlocks a TMNT digital comic which is pretty rad.

Last but not least, an EFX 1:6 scaled replica of Captain Americas 1940s shield from Captain America The First Avenger! This is very cool. It’s a Lootcrate exclusive and despite being so small, feels very solid! It comics with a little stand which admittedly isn’t my favorite–I kept bumping it as I looked at other stuff in the box and it’d fall off pretty easily. Luckily now it’s on the shelf where that’ll happen less! And honestly that could be more me being made of flailing elbows than the stand having an issue. I was really tempted to see if any of my dolls could hold it but decided to be a proper adult and put my toys on display. (don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll get my Wonder Woman doll holding it soon enough.)

One last thing that was a cool touch–you can unfold the LootCrate box and turn it into a comic book holder! Like I’ve said, I’ve got a whole to-read short box but I have been using this to hold the series I’m currently trying to catch up in so our coffee table doesn’t look so cluttered.


Very happy and impressed with LootCrate’s quality! May definitely have to try them out for myself if I see a theme I like~



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