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Who are we here at Faves In Toyland?

Also before I forget! Shout out to my buddy Matt Jay over at Super Sentai Brothers for giving us our name! If you’re a fan of super sentai, go check out his podcast! They’ve covered Dairanger and Jetman so far and are starting up Kakuranger. A+ dude and podcast.

First part of the duo here, hello everyone! I’m Shannon Manor and I’m a professional character designer/illustrator. I’m currently a character designer on FX’s Archer. I’ve been collecting toys since I was a kid, starting with the ‘Together Forever’ Barbie collection that my mom helped me buy. I started going to conventions in middle school which got me interested in the more high brand toy lines that I couldn’t start to afford until college. Most of my collection from high school has been thinned out to make way for my newer collection but still have some stragglers! I actively collect Barbie, Monster High, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts and basically just a variety of things I like. I’m not really about finishing collections or so forth, I just like having things I like and setting them up to look cool. I’m super here for highly posable toys and accessories to set up scenes.

Follow me on twitter @shannonmanor and find my art over on my Tumblr and my Facebook! I’ve also got a store where you can buy my junk, go check that out too.

Hi. I’m David.

Currently, I work in at small dev shop as a Software Engineer. Though, when I’m not at the day job, I write a comic book for Action Lab Entertainment called, Fight Like A Girl. I am also, as you could probably guess, a toy collector. Like Shannon, I’m not solely about finishing a toy line, nor am I focused on getting figures that may be worth something in the future. I just enjoy getting figures and statues that remind me about a specific “fandom” I like. Most of what I get are Power Ranger, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, or Final Fantasy VII related, but I do own figures from many other properties!

You can follow me on twitter @helixandmeteors. I don’t use it often, but maybe that’ll change soon! You can also follow my adventures in the comic book world on my personal website, SequentialGeek.com.