Holiday Haul 2016! [Shannon’s side of things!]

First things first, happy holidays to everyone that is or was celebrating something this winter! Hope y’all had a great time no matter what you were doing~


David and I got to have our first Christmas in our new house this year which was exciting. Fun sappy stuff whatever, this is a toy’re not here for feelings, you’re here for toys. And it’s not a Manor+Pinckney holiday until someone gets toys!

So here’s just a quick update to my collection that I got from David (and one from my mother-in-law but let’s be real, David picked it out for her lol)  I didn’t get the best pictures of stuff cause this is a quick post, I’ll probably discuss things in more detail later!

First–I got the G.E.M Pokemon Series James and Meowth/Kojiro and Nyarth which oh man, I am SO excited about! Team Rocket’s been my fave since I was a 10 year old that was mad I couldn’t just give the MasterBall back to Giovanni or join Team Rocket after defeating the Nugget Bridge. Jessie and James are the best part of the anime so I’ve been keeping my eye on the prices of these figures for a minute now! Obviously I’m gunna get my girl Jessie soon but super excited to have this James on my shelf for a start.

Second–S.H. Figurarts Black Lady! Again, another one that came out when I just didn’t have the money for it so I’ve been eying it from a far. David has a good eye for knowing what I’m drooling over. I also broke her little boa/scarf thing almost immediately but luckily it was clean and on a joint. Easily fixed. This is the  second Christmas where I broke a Sailor Moon toy. Oops.

Third–Rainbow Moon Chalice Proplica! Again–something that came out and I didn’t buy cause I was broke. The Moon Kleidoscope Wand came out, which is my favorite weapon, but I’m still missing everything from the S set so I very much appreciate David helping me start my catch up. Also I love these little proplicas, they’re amazing.

Four–Kotobukiya Captain Phasma! Look, I know she didn’t do anything in episode 7 but I don’t care…I love Phasma. She looks cool and she’s Gwendoline Christie. What else do you need? Outside of this really awesome Kotokukiya figure. She comes with some extra arms so you can change up her pose–I have two other Phasma toys with the gun up pose so figured this one could mix it up. This was from my Mother-in-Law but David has confirmed that he basically told her to get me this because he knew I wanted it.

And that’s it for the new additions to the toy collection! I’ll stop showing off my great husband who pays attention to the things I pout at for not being able to afford.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!

Holiday Haul 2016


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