Build a Bear Charmander!

So for those that don’t know, I’m a big Pokemon fan! I also love me some stuffed animals so I’ve been really excited to hear Build-A-Bear has been adding in Pokemon!

Pikachu was a given.

Eevee was super exciting but admittedly didn’t photograph too great so I wasn’t THAT excited for her but seeing her in person  is gunna make me go back to get her. After Christmas. We’ve already discussed it.

But then they announced Charmander and man, I love Charmander! He was my starter back in Red, I picked which version of X/Y I wanted based on Charizard’s Mega form. I love my little fire lizard so hearing he came to Build-A-Bear, I finally got off my butt and got down into the mall!

I’ve done Build-A-Bear ages ago with my little cousin but man, it’s such a fun experience! I got to stuff my Charmander so full he barely made it into his hoodie! Put a little heart in him complete with a wish that I hope he grows up into the best dragon he can be~ They also put in a piece of his tag inside him that has an ID on it so if he ever gets lost, he can be brought to the store and they’ll know he’s ours! We thought that was pretty cool cause it’s like he’s %100 ours. Printed out his birth certificate saying his name is Banana and his birthday is 12/11! Also some credit to the Build-A-Bear crew for not making two adults in a store very much for kids feel like losers. They were very friendly and didn’t treat us like weirdos which is always great. When I went to check-out, the man helping us loved that I named him Banana so much that he found us this little banana prop that was on clearance! We also got a free Charmander Pokemon card with the Build-A-Bear logo on it. I believe Eevee and Pikachu come with one as well but it was a pretty nice addition.

It was a great experience and we got our own customized Charmander buddy out of it. I really recommend it! I’m admittedly not the best at interacting with folks inside stores but if you bribe me with huge Pokemon plushies, I can get over it pretty easily.

BAB Charmander

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