Toy Therapy: 10/17/2016

So I’ve had a day today. I mean, I’ve had a month if we wanna be real but today was just a capital D day. So of course I had to go and buy toys! Why feel feelings when I can just put action figures over the wound until I can’t see it anymore?

I heard a while back that Funko was doing some Barbie Mystery Minis and Rock Candys. Oh boy I’ve been wanting them. I saw the Rock Candy a week or so earlier while we were down in Orlando but didn’t snag one cause we were flying and my luggage was already pretty full. While I am a Funko POP apologist, I am very glad they added the Rock Candy line to their set-up. They’re very cute, a good price and full of so much personality compared to the rather stiff POP poses. I got myself the 1959 Swimsuit Barbie. I’m such a sucker for the original Barbie design so it’s real easy to win me over with vintage Barb. She’s got some quality issues on her feet–the black on her shoes isn’t fully on mold but it doesn’t bother me too much.

Also got one of the Mystery Minis which I opened to find 1973 Surgeon Barbie! Not who I was hoping for but all these Barbie minis are pretty stinking cute so not mad. I don’t know if they can twist their head like other Mystery Minis cause she seems pretty stuck. I didn’t feel like fighting it just in case there wasn’t a joint. She’s super cute no matter what. She’s got a little ponytail, little to no paint issues. I’m really impressed with the sculpt on these little guys. Definitely gunna have to try again to get that 1986 Barbie with the sweet perm. Also I should give David a shout-out for being the doll that bought me these dolls~ Again, I had a day and my boy knows what kinda stuff can help put me in a better mood. This is why we have so much shit.

Last is something that I’ve been pretty excited about: The new Marvel Legends Doctor Strange BAF wave! Got the non-movie Doctor Strange in his more modern costume. For those that don’t know, Doctor Strange is my favorite super dude. I missed out on the Doctor Strange from the Hulkbuster BAF set (don’t worry, I’ll snag my boy one of these days) so when I saw a whole line of Doctor Strange stuff, I was so stoked! I may honestly buy the other 7 figures cause that Dormammu looks pretty cool. Stephen is looking good too! He’s nice and posable, his sculpt and paint looks good. Okay I may be biased, again this is my fave dude so he usually looks good. Admittedly, not a fan of Benedict Cucumberpatch’s face but also still gunna buy his toys..cause I’m gunna have easy to find Doctor Strange merch and I’m gunna take what I can get. I’ll let you guys know if I get more of these and if I do decide to get the full Dormammu set!

I’m still having a day but at least I got some new friendly faces to look at on my shelves. It’ll give me something to smile about.

Toy Therapy: 10/17/2016

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