Horizon Zero Dawn Collector’s Edition Statue

The Playstation 4 had one of its most anticipated games release earlier this year – Horizon Zero Dawn. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the collector’s edition of the game. This edition came with a 9 inch statue of the lead character, Aloy, among other items. The statue is pretty amazing (much like the game)! I am honestly surprised by just how detailed the statue is.

The statue features Aloy standing over the remains of a Watcher, one of the game’s early enemies. Her pose is great, standing triumphantly, with an arrow notched ready to take out the next mechanical animal that comes her way. The statue is pretty light considering its size which leads me to believe this is actually made from PVC. Though it’s light, it is sturdy and does not feel cheap.

Though she came with the collector’s edition, which is sold out at most retailers, some are selling the statue alone for around $80 and up. If you have the funds, I’d recommend at least considering to purchase this piece!

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