Kinder Eggs!

So David and I just got back from a vacation in England and while we were there, I got some kinder eggs!

Mostly because I just love Kinder Eggs and we can’t get them here in the states–but then we thought a little post about the toys we got would be cute!

We got a default Kinder Egg, a Barbie themed egg and a DC comics themed egg! I forgot to get pictures of the wrapped eggs because I thought of this idea when I was in the middle of breaking open the chocolate egg. The second two we got at the airport while we were waiting and I was apparently hot cause they started to melt. Oops.

The first toy was this little dragon themed spinning top, almost like a little Beyblade. It was cute! I took some video of me showing how to work but it was mostly ‘look how long it takes for Shannon to figure out a toy for children!’ so I changed my mind on it. You pull the blue ripcord and the top spins, y’all get it. It’s easy. In theory. I rocketed that little top all over the hotel.

The second toy was from the Barbie egg! It was just a little Barbie on a stencil stand with some stickers! Nothing fancy~ Reminded me of those plastic Barbie toys from McDonalds back when I was a kid.

The third toy was from the DC Comics egg! It was a Robin keychain! I tried to figure out of it did anything but nothing, just a cute keychain!

That’s it! Nothing huge! Just some fun stuff I wish we got over here in the states! Oddly enough we get off-brand Kinder Eggs that are made with worse chocolate and are way more of a choking hazard cause the toy capsules are about half that size. Shrug.

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