Halloween Town Sora Play Arts Kai – Review

Halloween Town Sora

Brand – Play Arts Kai

Price – $120

With the addition of Halloween Town Sora in Square Enix’s toyline, Play Arts Kai, the Kingdom Hearts roster of toys is beginning to fill out. Halloween Town Sora almost immediately became a fan favorite costume with the release of Kingdom Hearts II back in 2006 (2005 for players in Japan) and it’s no surprise that Square has finally come around and released a high quality counterpart to their original Halloween Town Sora (from the original Kingdom Hearts) figure  that was a part of the Play Arts line years ago. HWT_Sora_013

The Play Arts Kai version of Halloween Town Sora is everything you’d expect from this brand: Great detail, highly posable, and most importantly, just plain cool.

With this version of Sora being predominately black, it’d be easy for the colors to get muddled and blurred, but the paint job does a great job of embracing highlights and shadows on the dark paint job which translates to actually making the other colors pop. This makes the figure still standout on the shelf and show off all the little details on the figure. It’s not without some minor paint flaws, though. Some of the accent colors show the figures base color coming through on parts of the figure, but it fairly minimal and would be extremely hard to see without a very close inspection.

Sora is very possible making it pretty easy and fun to get him in your favorite posses from the game. On the initial unboxing none of the joints felt stiff and, more importantly, none of the joints were too loose. The figure can hold its pose with ease and the figure itself feels sturdy and holds enough wait with wide enough feet that in most poses, the stand is not required.

Given Sora’s baggy clothes a lot of the joints are cleverly hidden, save the elbow joints that are the most predominately seen ball joints. This makes for a pretty smooth looking figure as the appearance of only a few joints makes it look more seamless.

Sora comes with his far share of accessories too! The set includes two keyblades: His signature Kingdom Key and the Decisive Pumpkin key blade obtained in Halloween Town. He also has 6 changes hands (four in addition to the two attached to the figure) HWT_Sora_006and 6 different emblems that attach to his head representing the different emblems you can have during gameplay.

Packaging for Halloween Town Sora is your standard window-opening packaging from Play Arts Kai. That’s not to say it’s bad, in fact it’s very much the opposite. Play Arts Kai packaging is some of the best compared to other figures of its class. The front show a nicely composed action-shot of Sora, the back has a nice stained glass mural mimicking the art of the game, but using the figure itself.

When you open the box to view the “window” we get a view of the figure and all its accessories as well as more images of the figure along with a quick background on the character.

The figure does come with a stand. I’m not a fan of the stand given with the Play Arts Kai figures. The stand is very large and bulky and can be a pain to put together. The amount of space it takes up on a shelf is sizable, but Play Arts Kai stands are typically sturdy. HWT_Sora_022The stands aren’t bad per-say, they just seem a lot large than need. To that point, these stands do allow for some very dynamic posing if you have the space. If your pose isn’t something that so dynamic that the stand is required, Sora can stand on his own easily without the use of the stand.

Overall, the figure is fantastic. Looks great on the shelf, plenty of articulation, and a good amount of accessories. You don’t need to be a huge fan of the Kingdom Heart series in order to appreciate this figure, but if you are a fan it is a must have addition to the collection.

Check out the photo dump below!

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