Pokémon Gallery Figures: Mew

Ever since I first saw Mew back in Pokémon Red/Blue, it’s been my absolute favorite Pokémon so me buying something because Mew is on it is not at all shocking to anyone who knows me.

So when Pokémon announced they were doing these Gallery Figures and I saw my buddy on the list I knew I was gunna get one! Now that I have Mew, I’ll be honest…probably only getting Mew.

The Gallery figures are Pokémon Center exclusive PVC statues that are about 2-3 inches tall of Pokémon performing a move in a battle pose! The idea is pretty fun! So far they have Mew with Psychic, Eevee with Swift, Pikachu with Thunderbolt and Magikarp with Splash! Wave 2 has been announced with Jigglypuff/Sing,  Vulpix/Fire Spin, Psyduck/Confusion and Cubone/Bone Club. They are $16.99 each.

I love this figure because it’s a Mew and it’s really hard to not be happy with this cutie. But I was disappointed with both the size and the price of this figure. If it were a bit more solid, maybe the price wouldn’t bother me but the figure is a bit of the softer side and the paint job isn’t fantastic. Positive side, the figure comes in a very good looking box and if you’re the kind the display unopened figures than it’ll look real sharp. Also it is nice to have a Pokémon figure that’s more energetic and isn’t just a creature standing around. If they were a tad bigger or a tad cheaper, I’d probably be more open to buying more of them! I will be keeping an eye on this line because as much as I’m frowning at this price point, I usually frown at the price of Pokémon plushies and…I own quite a few of those. If I see some more of my favorites, I’d consider buying more but as of right now I’m lukewarm. I also hope they go outside of Gen 1! There’s a lot of Pokémon I like that don’t often get merch and I’m always hoping that Pokémon remembers more than the same 15 Pokémon exist.



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