Sailor Moon Crystal Figurarts

I originally didn’t want this figure if I’m being honest. I like Sailor Moon Crystal despite it’s problems and adored season 3 for fixing said problems so it’s not like I was against a Crystal figurarts. But for some reason, I kept feeling very meh about it.

Then I remembered the manga is my favorite version of Sailor Moon and this is the closest to a manga figure as I’m going to get. So when she was on sale on Amazon, I snatched her finally!

And oh boy is she gorgeous! Like the classic anime versions of the figurarts, she comes with a themed stand, multiple faces and hands as well as one of her rods. (Spiral Moon Heart Rod since this is from Season 3)

I don’t want to compare her against her other figurarts because I firmly believe Usagi would love any and all versions of herself! A warrior of love and justice wouldn’t want girls comparing themselves to each other! But it is very much like the differences between the manga and the 90s anime! Crystal is very elegant and delicate, with insane hair even for the standards of Sailor Moon. Classic is very bold and crisp with a frame that is a bit more believable for a 14 year old. The only negative I have is that Crystal is very delicate. She is easily posed but touching that hair makes me SO nervous. I don’t think I will break it but I feel like I could. Crystal is definitely gunna be shifted around less than the others. She looks very gorgeous in her poses though so I’m fine with that!

And of course, I couldn’t help but have some fun in the photos with two Usagi’s being goofs. Even if she looks different, Usagi is always gunna be Usagi <3 I would definitely get more of these Crystal figurarts. I mean..I’m already gunna be getting the Super versions of all the scouts I already have…why not also just get some Crystal versions as well?

It’s really no different than me having the 90s anime boxsets, the Crystal boxsets, different versions of the manga, the Live Action TV show and the musicals on my computer. I’m here for the long run with Sailor Moon no matter how much it pains my wallet.

Sailor Moon Crystal Figurarts

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