Kingdom Hearts Funko Pops!!

Funko has finally released Kingdom Hearts pop figures! So, of course, we had to purchase (almost) all of them! Currently, this is the list of the ones that are out:

  • King Mickey
  • Goofy
  • Warrior Goofy (GameStop exclusive)
  • Donald
  • Wizard Donald (Hot Topic exclusive)
  • Chip and Dale (two pack)
  • Pete
  • Monochromatic Pete (Wal-mart Exclusive)


We were able to get our hands on all of them except for the Monochromatic Pete pop figure. Personally, my favorite of the set is Warrior Goofy because he looks very good and like he game right out of the game (but with a Funko style).  What you’ll probably notice is these characters are all Original Disney characters sporting their Kingdom Hearts costumes. Not sure if we’ll ever get original Kingdom Hearts characters like Sora, Kairi and Riku, but for now we got a set of 8 really nice looking pop figures! Check them out!

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