Kingdom Hearts 2 Static Arts – Sora

There aren’t a lot of characters I’m easily won over by—wait okay, no no. I’m pretty sure I start every one of -my- reviews all “there’s NO way I could have not bought this”…man, I really need to shorten my lists of beloved characters. Or dare I say…Dearly Beloved characters. [rim shot]

David’s shutting down the site as soon as he sees that joke.

I lost this review. I can’t top that terrible joke. It’s no secret that David and I adore Kingdom Hearts and we both are ride or die for our boy Sora. If anything comes out with Sora on it, we’re getting it. I pre-ordered this without looking at it was only 6 inches tall and was very shocked when I pulled it out. Oops.

But considering we have a shelf of these huge clunky Play Arts Kai KH figures, it’s kind of refreshing to get a smaller figure. Like I said, it’s 6 inches and made out of PVC. It’s really light and it’s easy to find to a spot on the shelf for him. He’s got some great detail in there, easily on par with those Play Arts Kai figures. You can notice some QC issues when you get nice and close but not large enough for me to grumble about. Most of them I only noticed when I was adjusting some of the photos. There’s a Riku coming out soon as well and I’m sure we’ll end up with him as well! As much as I do like this figure, I don’t know if I’d buy one for every character. They run about $49.99 which isn’t too terrible but man, I just really prefer possible toys. So when I buy a statue I have to fight the “I paid how much and I can pose it??” feeling.

That being said, if anything has Sora or Kairi on it, it’s gunna be an easy fight for me to buy it.

Static Arts: Sora

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