Figma – Phoenix Wright

I think I yelled about this on twitter and then pre-ordered it right away. Like most the things I talk about on here, I adore Phoenix Wright. The games are some of my favorites. I have all of them.(Save that second Edgeworth game that never came over here?)

I love this figure! I was so excited to get him and pose him! My only complaints are my usual complaints about Figma–they feel too delicate. I prefer SH Figurarts cause man, Figmas just feel like they’ll get wrecked if I touch them too much. My second complaint is not enough faces! Phoenix has so many great faces in the game! I would have loved more than default, screaming or screaming more. There coulda been that goofy smile, him when he’s all sweaty and nervous. My Sailor moon has 6 faces. How does Phoenix Wright only have 3?

But other than those two complaints which are so completely personal and have nothing to do with the quality, I love this figure! He’s really well made. I love the desk and exclamations he comes with! He’s got some great variety to his hands and the 3 faces he does come with are great. I have the Revoltech Professor Layton so of course I immediately posed them together. (Huge fan of Layton as well and I loved the crossover game so duh.)

If you’re a fan of Phoenix and the games, I definitely recommend the figure. As much as I pout that I can’t do his goofy sweaty faces, seeing this nerd screaming objection on my shelf is amazing. I love it.

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